Reusable Box Program.

Designing a sustainable solution

The Challenge:

When returning and shipping product, millions of pounds of waste are produced. Our client wanted a more sustainable alternative to traditional returns packaging.

“When our client needed a more sustainable alternative to traditional packaging, we stepped up.”

We Stepped Up:

We maintain our customer’s Reusable Box Program, an on-site system that replaces the traditional disposable packaging used in customer returns with eco-friendly reusable containers.

Here’s how it works: We receive the reusable containers at the same facility where we process customer returns, cutting down transportation costs and adding efficiency to the system. When reusable containers arrive at our facility, we receive them, register the boxes systematically, clean and repair them, and send the containers to the distribution center to be utilized for the next order. We keep rigorous documentation of received containers, so our client can recoup costs from customers who do not return containers.

The Reusable Box Program is a sustainable alternative, and we ensure that it is as efficient, streamlined and rigorously documented as possible.