Bobcat & County Pkg.

A critical, decades-long partnership

The Challenge:

Bobcat already had an outstanding brand and a loyal customer base, but their supply chain needed an upgrade. The company was looking for a flexible, dependable partner to help them optimize their operations and overcome the complex challenges they faced.

“Bobcat is much more productive because of County Pkg.”

We Stepped Up:

For decades, County Pkg has been a critical partner of Bobcat, bringing valuable efficiencies, creative solutions and nuanced perspective to the company’s supply chain. Our services for Bobcat are expansive – from inventory management and quality control, to creating an IT Infrastructure that compliments their existing system – but it’s our ability to pivot quickly and our willingness to take on any challenge that has made us an indispensable partner and a crucial advisor.

“County Pkg is an extension of our own company,” said a Bobcat representative. “Because of the relationship they have built, the quality of their work, and the processes they have put into place, they have become an inseparable asset. I can always count on them to get the job done.”